The Family Support Institute, through the familyWORKs initiative, is starting to look at creating chapters all across British Columbia that will bring families together to learn the different approaches in getting employment for people with differing abilities.

familyWORKs helps families to see the possibility, to dream, to believe and then get information about how to best achieve employment for their family members who have a disability.

Our Values

familyWORKs believes that families have the power and responsibility to lead the way in strengthening the participation of people with disabilities in our economic community.

Our Vision

A community that uses the knowledge and social capital of families to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Mission

To bring families together to share knowledge and network to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in the economic community as workers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and taxpayers.

  • Partner with members within the economic community in chapters across BC and participate in employment initiatives.
  • To support families through the FSI Resource Parent Network.