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Families Leading the Way

Families leading the way

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Families are invited to explore their leadership role and brainstorm ways to create a healthy balance of support for their families and guide the changing services from agencies and government to ensure they are responsive to our needs! 

Over the past decades, many families have been leaders by supporting other families and helping to create services that are taken for granted today. We are easily lulled into thinking that services are forever, however, there are no assurances when it comes to service delivery. This time of high stress and demand, and the dizzying speed of changes in the service system, identifies the need for us to work collectively to maintain the status quo and to continue the work of improving support for our families through formal and informal means.

To schedule or book a workshop

To schedule or book a workshop, please contact our Training Coordinator, Sylvia Stephens.

Contact Sylvia Stephens 
Training and Special Events Coordinator
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