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Families Promoting Employment First

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This workshop has 3 modules with families in mind to support learning in the philosophy of “Employment First”. 

They were designed to support families to develop a vision for employment with their sons or daughters, and to stimulate thinking about how families and their supporters could build an employment focus into planning for and with their sons’ or daughters’ future.

The first workshop (1/2 day) will focus on preparing, planning and pursuing employment.

The 2nd workshop (1/2 day) will encourage an employment thinking perspective and approach and will provide families with examples and ideas to support them to profile promote and support their sons and daughters towards employment.

There is a 3rd workshop (full day) that is designed for community partners and professionals to encourage an Employment First thinking perspective and approach, especially for students in the high school years and planning towards the transition to adulthood.

To schedule or book a workshop

To schedule or book a workshop, please contact our Training Coordinator, Sylvia Stephens.

Contact Sylvia Stephens 
Training and Special Events Coordinator
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