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Key Roles for Families Ensuring Good Lives

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Have you ever wanted to find new and innovative ways to keep your child safe and happy?  

This workshop has been designed by parents to help develop the knowledge and skills to assist you in the pursuit of you and your loved ones dreams for a good life. This workshop will explore:

  • Why we need to plan for our children’s future
  • What are safeguards, why they are important, and what can we do about it.
  • The difference between formal and informal safeguards.
  • How to develop informal safeguards.
  • Identify challenges and to develop strategies to overcome them.
  • How to recognize and monitor quality in the services and supports our children receive.
  • Advocacy and the importance of planning.
To schedule or book a workshop

To schedule or book a workshop, please contact our Training Coordinator, Sylvia Stephens.

Contact Sylvia Stephens 
Training and Special Events Coordinator
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