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Let’s Talk About Sexuality Workshop

Let’s talk about sexuality” – this phrase offers up a wide range of possibilities, along with a host of anxieties. As a parent of a child with a disability this is dreaded while at the same time recognized as an important part of parenting and of your child’s life. This workshop provides an opportunity for parents, in a supportive setting, to explore some of their fears and anxieties and curiosities in a safe environment.

This is to begin the courageous conversation around ensuring that individuals being supported – are not only safe from sexual exploitation, but also have the correct support and information to embrace that part of who they are and how they interact in relationship with others.

In this half-day workshop you will learn how to approach the topic of sexuality and relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn different ways in which you can find current information about sexuality and health and feel comfortable in discussing sexuality
  • Examine your personal beliefs and values of sexuality and critically consider what you are/are not able to discuss with your family member yourself
  • Promote relationship developing skills and perspectives with your family member

To schedule or book a workshop, please contact our Training Coordinator, Sylvia Stephens.

Contact Sylvia Stephens 
Training and Special Events Coordinator
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