Regional Network Coordinator

Job Title: Regional Network Coordinator

Compensation and terms:
• 1 year contract position with option to renew annually for an additional 2 years
• Number of monthly hours required will depend on size of region. Applicants and provincial office will collaborate to delineate each region. Number of hours per region will be reviewed after 6 months.
• Fixed monthly contract amount based on $25/hr
• Some travel may be required- region dependent

Position Summary:

The Regional Network Coordinator’s responsibility will be to engage, mentor and
recruit volunteer RP’s within designated regions in BC (Exact delineation of regions will be determined based on applicant interest and office needs.)

Reporting Relationship: Reports directly to the Provincial Network Manager (PNM).

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

RP Network:

 Responsible for certain components of RP team within designated region such as: updating individual profiles, activity status, support call responsiveness, etc.

 Responsible for recruiting new RPs in designated region with an intentional effort to fill gaps in geography, skill set, age, culture, etc as per the FSI strategic plan.

 Responsible for intake, orienting, mentor assignment and training of new RPs with materials provided by provincial office. Ensuring all completed documents are transmitted to the provincial office.

 Staying current on issues of concern to families, support RPs to stay informed and engaged in their communities and with each other. Track this engagement as well as family support not originating from the provincial office.

 Responsible for submitting reports to PNM for expenses, new RPs, RP engagement, RP status, and other such information as needed by the PNM.

 Support all RPs with their family support calls if and as needed.

 Provide feedback as needed to PNM for improvement of internal processes related to the volunteer network.

 Participate in meetings – in person, conference calls and/or video calls.

 Participate on local committees to represent the interests of families and FSIBC.

 Establish positive, effective and professional relations with all contacts (RPs, FSI staff, community partners, government,…)

Workshops / Training Weekend

 Identify gaps in and suggest training for RP development. Work with the PNM and local contacts for the coordination of training events/fairs/transition tables in community. Act as a workshop presenter for FSIBC when RP workshop facilitators are not available or in other situations where appropriate.

 Attend the Training Weekend and provide assistance as required.

External Relations

 Liaise with Directors of Early Years as needed to ensure all themes regarding children are reported regularly to the FSI provincial office and relationships are maintained provincially.

Participate in person in 3 day Regional Network Coordinator training at the onset of the position. (Exact location of training to be determined.)

Required Qualifications:

Education, Training and Experience

A certificate or diploma in a discipline relevant to supporting families with a family member with a disability is desirable, but not necessary. Equivalent experience will be favored. Three to five years of relevant volunteer or work experience in the disability sector is required. A demonstrated understanding and knowledge of the disability sector, including but not limited to, services and supports for children, youth and adults with a disability and their families, funding sources, provincial and local initiatives is required.

Specific Requirements:

The main purpose of the Society is to support and foster connections between parents and family members of a person with a disability.

** It is preferred that the candidate be a current active Resource Parent with the Family Support Institute. This is not mandatory, but desirable. **

Job Skills, Abilities and Knowledge:

 Overall diplomacy including polished and professional oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

 Ability to deal with sensitive issues in a tactful, respectful and when necessary, confidential manner.

 Well-developed planning, organization, time management, conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

 Extensive knowledge of supports, services and resources for families of a child with a disability (any age, any disability, provincial level knowledge) or complimentary skill set.

 Ability to work independently; multi-task, prioritize (always ensuring that family support is top priority)

 Be comfortable working with Word, Excel, Power Point, email platforms and social media (Facebook).

 confident; self-motivated; pro-active

TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Franceska Grantzidis, Provincial Network Manager at fgrantzidis(at)