Support Worker Central

Support Worker Central is an online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.

The Support Worker Central Vision

In recent years we have heard the frustration that families and individuals experience while trying to recruit staff. There is no central place to advertise and recruit for their staffing needs.  Individuals and families rely on public internet sites, word of mouth, advertising in the job postings of local colleges, neighbourhood newspapers or the bulletin boards of grocery stores, churches and coffee shops.

Families and individuals that receive funding for their support needs, are often prevented from making effective use of that funding, thus limiting community participation.

For several years many people have expressed a desire for a central website where individuals and families from all over the province could connect with support workers in their communities. Support Worker Central enables people to do this.

Families and individuals can post job profiles on this website, entering specific criteria that will be matched against support worker’s who have set up support worker profiles on our website.

Agencies who offer support worker services will also be able to advertise their services on the site for those that don’t wish to hire their own support workers. Agencies can also post job profiles to recruit potential support workers.

Please share information about our website to others. The success of the website depends upon making it a useful tool for individuals and families seeking support workers as well as the support workers they hope to recruit.

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