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Fall 2020 Possibilities! Newsletter

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This newsletter is available to all families, friends and partnering organizations with the hope that the stories and information can help support or inspire families and individuals with diverse challenges.

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Toolkit on the new recovery benefits and CERB repayment
Find some great new financial resources:

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BC Family and Student Education Survey

Over two and a half days, 1294 individuals responded to a short survey, which was created in response to the Government of BC’s new announcement of the K-12 Education Restart Plan.

“This survey has highlighted the need for flexibility, options and choice for students and families.” says Angela Clancy, Executive Director of the Family Support Institute of British Columbia. “Families need to have confidence in the restart plan. They need regular and fulsome communication from the ministry to ensure their kids will be safe and have access to a robust and supported Inclusive Education.”
See the full report here

Healthcare Toolkits

FSIBC has continued to hear from people that are facing barriers in the Health system with access to essential support people with the new health policy for “essential visitors” when being admitted to hospital.
We have developed a tool kit to help support families when their loved one is going to the hospital to be better prepared for any situation that may come their way. Try this tool kit and let us know if you have suggestions for how it can be better.
Remember – fill it out in advance to be prepared. AND have it posted somewhere accessible like on your fridge or on a tack board so if an emergency arises it is easily accessible to take with you. Always be prepared!
To access the adult toolkit, please click here.


To access the child toolkit, please click here.

COVID-19 BC Family Survey Results:

Family Support Institute of BC, Inclusion BC, BC Parents of Complex Kids, and BCEdAccess heard from families about your experiences accessing emergency pandemic funding and/or services for your child or youth with disabilities through the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s (MCFD) Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) Program.

Our organizations hear regularly from families who struggle with accessing funding and services, and we know that the current pandemic has brought more pressure to many children and youth with disabilities and their families. In response, we worked together to create a survey to find out how families are coping with the extra pressures caused by COVID-19, and to hear about their experiences assessing emergency pandemic, funding and/or services for their child or youth with disabilities through MCFD’s CYSN program.

In 2 1/2 days we received over 1,000 families who responded to the survey. Thank you! We presented the results to Minister Conroy and MCFD on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

The report shows how B.C. families are accessing, or not, emergency pandemic funding and/or services for their children or youth with disabilities. Click Here to see more.

FSIBC’s Annual Report 2018-2019

Click here to read and download FSIBC’s 2018-2019 Annual Report.

Please take some time to read through the major achievements and significant projects FSIBC completed during the past year, as well as detailed financial statements.

Support Worker Central

Support Worker Central is an online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.

Download our Support Worker Central Posters:

New Website Maps Inclusive and Welcoming Places in B.C. Communities

For many people, finding a sense of belonging and connection to others in community can be challenging and often overwhelming.  A new website is making that easier. myCommunity BC is an online tool that engages citizens to share and celebrate the places in their community that are inclusive, value diversity, and are welcoming of everyone.

“We have much to celebrate in our communities. People are thinking intentionally about how to build inclusive spaces that honour and celebrate diversity,” says Jessica Humphrey, CLBC Self Advocate Advisor, and BC Community Asset Mapping Network Animator. “myCommunity BC is one way to share stories about where we feel welcome in our community in hopes to strengthen opportunities for social connection and belonging for all people.”

The tool was developed by the BC Community Asset Mapping Network, the Family Support Institute, and Community Living BC (CLBC), to support the inclusion of people who live with disabilities in everyday places beyond the disability world. It has attracted the interest of community libraries and other community groups who see its potential for use by all community members.

“Mapping our community for safe and welcoming places will encourage people with diverse abilities, including anxiety and depression, to get out and try new things and meet new people,” says Michelle Goos, CLBC Strategic Initiative Advisor and BC Community Asset Mapping Network Founding Member.

Users can simply visit www.mycommunitybc.com . On the map they will find places and spaces that others recommend as inclusive and welcoming. The map will default to their location and list places that can then be filtered by category and other criteria. The more people add to and recommend places, the more there will be to explore on the map for others. Users can create an account to save their own map of places, or they can submit locations on the public map.

The Family Support Institute is thrilled to be a part of creating a site where we can all come together to talk about inclusion and celebrate places in communities where we all belong.” says Angela Clancy, Executive Director with the Family Support Institute. “There are so many places in our communities all over BC that are welcoming of all people. The more we highlight and talk about these places, the more people can explore, be part of their communities, and meet their fellow neighbors and citizens. FSI is excited to be a part of this community building initiative.”

myCommunity BC was made possible by the Family Support Institute of BC, Community Living BC, and the BC Community Asset Mapping Network. myCommunity BC is available by desktop and mobile devices at www.mycommunitybc.com

The BC Community Mapping Network started in 2017 by CLBC Community Council members who came together to learn how to use community mapping to build connections and increase inclusion and belonging for all people. For more information visit https://www.bccommunityassetmapping.com/

Family Support Institute of BC works to strengthen, connect and build communities and resources with families of people with disabilities in BC. For more information visit www.familysupportbc.com

myCommunity BC was developed by BC-based Motiontide Media, a digital agency that helps organizations build effective digital platforms and communication strategies. For more information visit www.motiontide.com