About Us

The Family Support Institute is a volunteer-powered network across BC that provides peer-to-peer support, information, events and training and community.

About Us

The Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) is a provincial not for profit society committed to supporting families who have a family member with a disability. 

FSI is unique in Canada and the only grass roots family-to-family organization with a broad volunteer base. 

FSI’s supports and services are FREE to any family.

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Mission & Vision


All individuals and families are supported, connected and fully valued in their communities.


To strengthen, connect and build communities and resources with families of people with disabilities in BC


The Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) honours that FSI grew out of an era that did not value the pivotal role of families. Therefore, FSI believes:

  • Families are the best voice to speak for their unique circumstances
  • Informed, involved, and confident families are the most effective agents for creating social change
  • Informed families are more empowered to speak for themselves when needed
  • Families are the best resource to support one another
  • Families have a critical role in shaping the future for their family members

Guiding Principles

*All guiding principles will be led by our Vision, Mission and Beliefs as an organization in all we do

  • Keep the organization’s vision, mission and beliefs at the heart of all we do.
  • Support, mentor, and build capacity in families.
  • Promote inclusion for people with disabilities and their families in all aspects of our work.
  • Promote equal rights and equitable opportunities for people with disabilities and their families in all aspects of our work.
  • Support families to advocate for and promote quality supports and services for people. with disabilities and their families and respect choice and diversity in all areas of life.
  • Celebrate and support team members for exemplary teamwork and collaboration.
  • Share knowledge and best practice in family support, advocacy, stakeholder relations, and projects always.
  • Build relationships with community partners who align themselves with the organization.
  • Advocate for the social change.
  • Participate and contribute in community and with families.
  • Value diversity in backgrounds, experience and perspectives.
  • Be inclusive – inviting and accepting of differences in one another.



In 1985, the members of a family support committee of Inclusion BC discussed ways to better support families.Our founding members were facing the challenges of institutions, navigating segregated education systems, and making an inclusive and valued place for them in society. At the time, families were not recognized as vital voices in decision making for their loved ones. They wanted better lives for their children and knew there were hundreds of other families like them across the province who wanted the same. It became clear that there was a need for an organization to bring these families together to provide this family support. In the fall of 1986, with funds from the St. Christopher’s Foundation, the Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) was established.

The first of its kind in Canada, FSI became a separate non-profit agency. The mandate of the Family Support Institute of BC is to strengthen families who had a son or daughter with any disability. FSI began with 6 volunteer Resource parents and have now grown to over 260.

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Family Support
Executive Director 
Training & Special Events
FSI Board of Directors

The Board makes decisions on the policy and direction of the Family Support Institute. Most board members are family members of people with disabilities. Some of our board members are also Resource Parents/Peers.

Dominic Rockall
Dominic Rockall, President

Region: Island

Came on FSI board:
December 3, 2018

Jane Holland, Vice-President

Region: Vancouver Coastal

Came on FSI board:
June 17th, 2019

Adam Gartland, Treasurer

Region: Vancouver Coastal

Came on FSI board:
April 28, 2021

Danielle Cross

Region: Fraser Valley

Came on FSI board:
April 19, 2018

Jay Goddard
Jay Goddard

Region: Interior

Came on FSI board:
June 25, 2017

David Paynter

Region: Interior

Came on FSI board:
October 27, 2018

Melanie Angus
Melanie Angus

Region: North

Came on FSI board:
May 27th, 2019

Lori Woods

Region: Fraser Valley

Came on FSI board:
December 3, 2018

Dana Brynelsen

Region: Vancouver Coastal

Came on FSI board: April 28, 2021

Levonne Abshire

Region: Vancouver Coastal

Came on FSI board: April 9, 2021

Izabelle Stevens

Region: Vancouver Coastal

Came on FSI board: April 9, 2022

FSI Staff
Angela Clancy

Executive Director

📞 604-540-8374 ext. 6

Franceska Grantzidis

Director of Programs

📞 604-540-8374

Mazy Tolentino
Mazy Tolentino​

Director of Finance and Administration

📞 604-540-8374

Nancy Chan

Office Manager (on leave)

Lisa Butt
Lisa Butt

Office Manager 

📞 604-540-8374 ext. 1

Sylvia Stephens

Training & Special Events Coordinator

📞 604-540-8374

Bobby Taylor
Bobbi Taylor

Family Support Coordinator

📞 604-540-8374 ext. 3

Penny Lopez

Family Support Coordinator
(NACL Liaison)

📞 604-540-8374 ext. 4

Lindsay Thompson

Family Support Coordinator

📞 604-540-8374 ext. 5

Anne Whitmore

Community Resource Coordinator

📞 604-540-8374

Robyn Kendurkar

FSI Newsletter Editor

📞 604-540-8374

Joe Liang

Technology Support

Erin Tesan

Office Volunteer

Regional Network Coordinators (RNCs)
Cari Rawling
Region: North East
Robyn Kendurkar

Region: North East

Ben Postmus

Region: Kootenays

Tracey Beckett

Region: Thompson / Okanagan

Esther King

Region: Fraser Valley

Kerry Lawson

Region: Fraser North

Karen Speijer

Region: Fraser South

Heather Beach

Region: Greater Vancouver

Rachel Skidmore

Region: Vancouver Island South

Karena Crumpler

Region: Vancouver Island Central/North

Strategic Plan


FSI will have a strong and effective volunteer network that is engaged, responsive and involved

Evaluation & Communication

FSI will have established a system for evaluating and communicating our impact to our stakeholders and the public


FSI will have developed and implemented an informed diversity action plan that reflects the demographics of BC

Board and Committees

FSI board and committees will be educated and informed to confidently lead and govern the organization and ensure its vibrancy in the future


FSI will increase its revenue by 15%

Angela Clancy
Contact Angela Clancy
Executive Director
Contact Sylvia Stephens 
Training and Special Events Coordinator
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