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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

As BC’s only peer support organization for individuals and families with disabilities, the Family Support Institute of British Columbia Society is available to anyone in the province, of all backgrounds, in every region and every city.

Built on the principles of Mentorship, Inclusion, Belonging, Support, Knowledge-Sharing, Equal Rights and Equitable Opportunities combined with the foundation of Respect, Encouragement, Working Together and Speaking Out - we are guided by teamwork and collaboration.

As an organization we:

  • Stand against systemic racism, prejudice, discrimination and injustice.
  • Recognize and acknowledge the unique and multiple marginalizations that people with disabilities and racialized people experience.
  • Will not tolerate the long-term repercussions of racism.
  • Stand against intergenerational trauma and call for support for the people impacted by this.
  • Hear from individuals who are impacted by the struggles of poverty, unemployment, disability or are involved with the justice system, and stand by them as they seek the support necessary to overcome the discrimination, racialization and marginalization they are faced with.
  • Often see firsthand the effects of systemic racism and discrimination, and stand by them and add our voices to theirs in solidarity.
  • Have witnessed families/children/youth/adults who have been the target of violence and persecution by institutional forces, and will continue to support these people, to guide them through the trauma of this violence, and to make space for people to be heard and to thrive.
  • Know we can always do more. As a provincial organization, we will do all we can to educate ourselves and stand strong and speak out for enhanced support.
  • Will provide more training and tools that will help people recognize their privilege and learn how to be effective allies.
  • Will align with anti-racism training and resources for our provincial team.
  • Will ensure we ensure we incorporate anti-racism and anti-discrimination practices into all provincial initiatives and programs.

We have seen the long-term benefits of investing in people and their communities. We will continue to use our provincial platform to advocate for increased funding and prioritization of children/youth/adults/families and community engagement at all levels of government and within law enforcement agencies across BC. FSI will always be committed to change and we welcome others to join us in speaking out against discrimination in all its forms. Together, we will continue to remove barriers and create opportunities for all individuals and families.

FSI’s Anti-Racism Commitment Statement has been developed with FSI’s Board and staff from across the province, in consultation with the FSI Diversity committee and other stakeholder partners.