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News Release from FSI announcing our new Indigenous Leadership

Family Support Institute announces new Indigenous Practice Advisor and Indigenous Advisory Circle

Expertise of an Indigenous leadership is instrumental in advancing Truth and Reconciliation, as well as fostering an environment that actively combats racism in all its forms

(November 8, 2023) The Family Support Institute (FSI) is proud to introduce two pivotal additions to our organization with the establishment of the Indigenous Practice Advisor role and a supporting Indigenous Advisory Circle. These additions represent significant strides in our ongoing commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and Anti-Racism. At FSI, we recognize the importance of these commitments and their substantial impact on our work. To this end, we have taken a dedicated and humble approach to ensure that we achieve these goals with authenticity and a deep commitment to learning.

“The creation of the Indigenous Practice Advisor role is a momentous step in our journey toward a more inclusive and culturally respectful organization. It is an embodiment of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and our ongoing work to eradicate racism in all its forms,” says Angela Clancy, Executive Director of FSI.

FSI welcomes Laranna Scott as our very first Indigenous Practice Advisor. Scott is not new to the work that FSI does; she has served as a volunteer Resource Parent (RP) since 2019. Scott, who is Métis, has been actively involved in Indigenous advocacy and care for the past 25 years and in 2017 received the Aboriginal Child Care Recognition Award from the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society.

Scott has been a member of the Human Early Learning Partnership’s (HELP) Aboriginal Steering Committee through the University of British Columbia (UBC) since 2014 and is on her third appointment as the Interior Region parent representative on the Minister’s Advisory Council for Children & Youth with Support Needs (CYSN MAC).

As a mother, educator, and advocate, Scott is passionate about supporting families with children and family members with support needs. “I am honoured to work with FSI in this new capacity and excited about being on this journey together!” she says.

The Indigenous Practice Advisor will play a crucial role in guiding and supporting FSI in operationalizing our commitment statements to Truth and Reconciliation and Anti-Racism. One of the core responsibilities of this new position is to develop and facilitate a comprehensive cultural diversity work plan. This plan will help ensure that FSI establishes and maintains robust relationships with families, partners, and communities throughout BC. These relationships will be built on principles of trauma-informed care and cultural safety, promoting trust, respect, and understanding among all stakeholders.

In alignment with our commitment to inclusivity and cultural respect, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Indigenous Advisory Circle. This 13-person Circle will collaborate closely with our Indigenous Practice Advisor, providing invaluable guidance and making recommendations related to training, weaving culture throughout our organization, and ensuring that our work remains culturally safe and accessible to all individuals.

We firmly believe that these significant steps forward will not only strengthen our organization but also contribute positively to the broader community and the ongoing journey towards reconciliation. At FSI, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of respect, understanding, and inclusion for all, and we are excited about the potential for meaningful change that lies ahead.

About Family Support Institute of BC:
The Family Support Institute (FSI) supports families who have family members with disabilities and mental health challenges. FSI is unique in Canada and is the only grass-roots, family-to-family peer support organization. FSI believes families are the best resource to support one another and the most vital voice for their family members. FSI supports all families with children of all ages, disabilities, and concurrent conditions. FSI’s supports are free to any family.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Clancy
Executive Director
Family Support Institute of BC

(604) 540-8374 ext 6

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