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Our event page provides opportunities for families to connect and experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. Check out our special events below for more information and dates. This calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often. Please get in touch if you have an event to share with us.

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Come by for a free warm drink and a snack and join us for a facilitated conversation that invites you to get curious about a stranger! Why?

We’re taught to be polite with strangers and avoid disagreements – but keeping our distance can also make us feel a little lonely and disconnected. What if we could invite our elephant friends into the room, and practice engaging with strangers in more meaningful ways ?

Join Steph and Aaniya and the Neighbourhood Organizers to foster more moments of connection between neighbours who don’t yet know each other, and might be quite different to one another!

The Neighbourhood Organizers want you to get curious about different perspectives! Together we hope to challenge distrust for difference. This event is drop in so you can come and go as you please! As a guest you get to decide the level of depth that you want to go. Will you be a fly on the wall and just listen in? Will you be a mouse and start with the easy stuff? Will you be a cat and get curious with some more challenging questions? Or will you be a courageous lion and ask about controversial topics!