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Our event page provides opportunities for families to connect and experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. Check out our special events below for more information and dates. This calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often. Please get in touch if you have an event to share with us.

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About this Session:

Interest in the use of cannabis and one of its main components, cannabidiol (CBD), has grown over the past few years for a range of issues, including comorbidities of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) like aggression and self-injurious behaviour. In this talk, I will provide some context for CBD’s relatively recent rise to prominence. I give a brief background on the endocannabinoid system, as well as the components of the Cannabis plant species, namely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. I then discuss some of the information available online for cannabis and CBD use in ASD before digging into the wider online discourse amongst parents and caregivers. I then discuss the current state of the science surrounding the topic, focusing on three recent and prominent studies investigating CBD-rich cannabis use in treating symptoms and co-morbidities of ASD, particularly difficult behaviours. At the end of the presentation, I provide some useful resources for navigating this difficult topic.



What is Self-Injurious Behaviour (SIB)?

Self-Injurious behaviour can be defined as: self-directed injury that is non-suicidal in nature and causes physical trauma. These isolating behaviours may affect children with intellectual impairment, autism or other forms of neurodiversity. SIB is a multifaceted behaviour that is difficult to understand and treat as the diagnosis varies across individuals. Currently, proper evidence-based care does not exist, so it can be extremely challenging to care for children with severe SIB.

Are you a parent/primary caregiver of a person with Self Injurious Behaviours? Are you passionate about taking your learning to the next level? As a parent/primary caregiver do you want to learn more on how to support yourself and your child? We are bringing to you a unique 6-part series to learn and explore ways to support families and their children. These six sessions are meant to promote education around severe SIB, to create a supportive SIB community, as well as to advocate for better health outcomes.

You Can Participate in Any of These Ways:

  1. Pre-watch any of the 6 series pre-recorded workshops
  2. Pre-watch any of the 6 series pre-recorded workshops then join on event night and participate in our live and interactive Q & A
  3. Join us on event night to watch the pre-recorded workshops together followed by our live and interactive Q & A
  4. Join the monthly SIB Family Hangout hosted by FSI the last Monday of every month