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External Events:  Events hosted by community partners from within BC. (FSIBC is not responsible for the content, management or facilitation of these sessions. All inquiries and comments are referred directly to event organizers.)

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Join us for this online Chinese parents support meeting facilitated by Sissy Lei, ASN’S Mandarin-speaking Parent Information Agent, who can share valuable insights on how to successfully implement and manage quality treatment programs and access the right support systems for your child diagnosed with Autism.

欢迎参加ASN线上中文家长支持会议,会议由ASN的中文家长资讯助理-Sissy Lei主持。她将分享有关如何成功开展和管理高质量的干预计划,及如何为我们自闭症谱系障碍孩子获取更合适的支持!

April 2024 Topic for discussion will be “Understand RDSP“, Meanwhile, we will have a free discussion on the issues and challenges we are facing!





Chinese-speaking families from all across British Columbia are welcome to join this one and half hour of zoom meeting to further their understanding and gain valuable information on the appropriate ways to manage problems so commonly encountered by parents of children with autism.



Sissy Lei has a daughter who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4 when her family immigrated to Canada from China in 2016. Sissy quickly researched the best course of action, and now oversees, her daughter’s ABA program at home and at school. Before immigration, she worked for years in an international company in Customer Service, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources. In Canada, she started up a cosmetic e-business. She began working as a Parent Information Agent for the Autism Support Network Society in 2019, where she is always pleased to offer help to other families with children with autism through sharing resources and experiences.

Sissy Lei, 一位ASD女孩的妈妈, 2016年移民来加拿大不久孩子近4岁时被诊断。较短时间内Sissy了解、分析、展开了能最好帮助到孩子的ABA干预训练,并一直密切跟进家庭及学校的ABA干预执行情况。移民加拿大之前,Sissy一直就职于一家外企,做过客服、市场、销售及人力资源管理等工作。来加拿大后,从事过护肤品相关的电子商务。2019年开始在Austism Support Network非盈利机构担任家长资讯助理,热心为自闭症孩子的家庭提供相应的资源及经验的分享!