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External Events:  Events hosted by community partners from within BC. (FSIBC is not responsible for the content, management or facilitation of these sessions. All inquiries and comments are referred directly to event organizers.)

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To be human is to be vulnerable. However, people with disability often live with greater vulnerability than others do.In an attempt to keep people safe it is possible to limit their lives and choices by being over-protective and so worried about risk that they have little chance of experiencing the good things in life.
Join CRU for one, two or all three webinars featuring Dr Michael Kendrick exploring how we can go about securing the good life and supporting choice. Topics covered include Vulnerability and Safeguarding, Succession and Planning for the Future, and Dilemmas in Supporting Choice. Held over three Fridays, you can be part of the CRU-hosted chat to share your reactions and hear from others in an on-going conversation throughout the series.
The webinars are pre-recorded and a recording of each will be available to view for 14 days.

Webinar 1 : Friday 11th February – Vulnerability and Safeguarding (RSVP Feb 4)
Dr Michael Kendrick highlights the importance of recognising and understanding an individual’s vulnerabilities, and explores ways to manage these areas in a positive, life expanding way. Recorded in November 2020 the webinar features Lynn Walmsley sharing her family’s experiences, and a seminar-style presentation by Michael. A CRU consultant will host a live chat during the broadcast.

Webinar 2 : Friday 18th February – Securing the Good Life: Succession &  Planning for the Future (RSVP Feb 11)
With a focus on planning for the future this webinar examines what is worth safeguarding in the long term, and looks at how we can best ensure a good life for a person with disability continues into the future. Recorded in November 2020 this webinar features Bobby Noone sharing her family’s experiences and a seminar style presentation by DrMichael Kendrick. A CRU consultant will host a live chat during the broadcast.

Webinar 3 : Friday 25th February – Dilemmas in Supporting Choice (RSVP Feb 18)
Making choices can be challenging for any of us, however, even if we at times regret our decisions we would not want others to impose their choices upon us. While some people with disability may struggle with understanding and weighing up options, denying people choice is not the answer.
Recorded from an event in November 2021, in this webinar Dr Michael Kendrick invites us to consider some of the dilemmas and responses in supporting others to exercise choice in their lives. A CRU consultant will host a live chat during the broadcast.




About the Presenter:
Michael Kendrick is well known as an educator, advocate, consultant and author currently based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

He worked in government and non-government agencies before becoming a consultant. Michael has been a regular visitor to Queensland for over 30 years.
He brings an understanding of local and national issues, as well as an international perspective on the issues that people with disability and their supporters face as they strive to live in their community.

These webinars will be of interest to people with disabilities, their families and workers, managers, advocates, board members and others who have regular involvement in people’s lives.


Community Resource Unit Ltd.
CRU has a 30 year track record of working across Queensland, Australia to help people with a disability take control of their lives and take their place in their community. Contact CRU if you need assistance or are unable to register online at