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FSI NEWS – Access Denied: CBC Early Edition Series by Stephen Quinn & Cathy Browne

From CBC Website: The Early Edition is Vancouver’s connection to the latest breaking local news, interviews that cut through the spin, and community stories and personalities that surprise and delight.

From Inclusion BC Website: Access Denied is an excellent series on CBC’s Early Edition, produced by Cathy Browne. The series takes a look into the lives of children and youth with disabilities and their families, as they struggle to access supports and services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Date Description Listen Here! Read Here!
Sep. 18, 2020 Access Denied: kids with disabilities still not back in school
Aug. 6, 2020 Access Denied: there are serious roadblocks for children with disabilites as they age out of government care
June 19, 2020 Access Denied: BC’s Ministry of Family and Child Development is under fire from parents who feel abandoned, isolated and defeated during this pandemic

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