Family Support Institute

Dear friends and families,

In light of all the news regarding COVID-19 and closures of many public spaces we want to reassure you that the Family Support Institute of BC is still fully functional and allowing our staff to work remotely from home. We understand many families are feeling high levels of stress and anxiety and may benefit from peer to peer support. Our volunteers are all ready and willing to offer support in the form of phone conversations, Facetime, Zoom calls, or text messaging. These can be offered 1:1 or in groups.
We know that at this time isolation is a risk and we are doing all we can to ensure that families stay connected. As well, our office staff will remain up to date on any additional supports that have become available in this time of need.
At this time to process for families to access support from the Family Support Institute of BC is still the same.

If you are feeling isolated and would like to connect with others during this uncertain time with the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here to join an online video chat with others in your community or across the province of BC. This peer to peer family support is an opportunity for live video contact where you can share, listen, learn, and connect with families facing similar challenges, fears and questions.  Come learn what others are doing at this time to creatively manage care for their loved ones, work from home, facilitate online schooling, safely support their communities, reduce their stress, appease their children, stay healthy and more… and, all  from home!


          Together we are stronger. Simply click on the Zoom link and join the conversation! All are welcome!


                     Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay connected. Stay supported.


Families can:
• Call us directly at 604-540-8374 or toll free at 1-800-441-5403
• Via on-line request at through the general contact form
• Or give you permission someone else permission to contact us on their behalf
Once a message is received regarding a family needing support we will contact them within 72 hours.
We are continually reassessing the situation as more information becomes available. Please check out FSI’s Facebook page at and/or our website at for regular updates.
Please know we are here for support, connectedness, unity and guidance.

Please reach out anytime to us – we are all in this together!

Our Mission

The purpose of the Family Support Institute of BC is to strengthen, connect and build communities and resources with families of people with disabilities in BC.  We believe that families are the best resource available to support one another. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training, and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths.

Our Vision

All individuals and families are supported, connected and fully valued in their communities.