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FSI Events

Our event page provides opportunities for families to connect and experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. Check out our special events below for more information and dates. This calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often. Please get in touch if you have an event to share with us.

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Sept 20 – Creating Your Child’s Team
• Who is who (Resource teachers, learning support, EAs, OTs SLPs?)
• Allies and relationships (you and your family members, librarians, custodians, former teachers, and other parents)
• Building relationships
• Understanding your communication style, your strengths, and where you may need support (are you a peacemaker, an advocate, do you find it uncomfortable to speak up, are you good at writing letters, do you enjoy in-person talks or would rather do things in writing?)

Sept 27 – EIPs and Designations Advocacy
• Timeline of IEPs, when and how often to meet
• Ministry of Education designations
• Smart vs Competency Based IEPs
• Language Adaptations and Modifications
• Dogwood vs Evergreen

Oct 4 – Collaborative Advocacy
Every family/caregiver wants the best for their child, and when things go wrong, and or we feel that there is a disconnect between what our child needs and what is happening we react with strong emotions, typically not positive ones. Why is it hard? It’s hard because we are coming from a place of love and are also trying to figure out how to interface and navigate within a complex system, and we don’t know all the rules.
In this session, we will be exploring:
• Documenting and addressing issues proactively
• Communication preparing for a meeting bringing someone with you, mapping out what you want to discuss, and being mindful and honest of the emotions behind the issues.
• What is the chain of command?
• Outside resources and supports IBC, FSI BCedAccess, PACs, and PIEs
• Social media – help, and pitfalls

Oct 11 – Finding the “Easy” Button: Who are your Allies? The Voices of Families and Caregivers.
In this session we will be hearing from other families who have walked before us they will share their experiences, tips, and suggestions




Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) is a provincial not-for-profit society committed to supporting families who have a family member with a disability.
FSI is unique in Canada and the only grass roots family to family organization that has a broad volunteer base.


You are invited to join FSI CONTINUING CONVERSATIONS, a private Facebook Group intended to continue conversations of support or provide an alternative platform for support.

All FSI Zoom sessions can be accessed by telephone only if access to computers and/or internet is a barrier. If you need assistance registering for any session, please call our office at 1-800-441-5403.