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Our event page provides opportunities for families to connect and experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. Check out our special events below for more information and dates. This calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often. Please get in touch if you have an event to share with us.

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Please join Tammy Roberts, Leesa Myers and Sandra Noel from The Foster Family Coalition of the NWT to discuss the 4Y and 4Y Justice Programs.  The 4Y Program began in June 2019 due to the apparent need for direct support for young people with PAE and FASD as they transition into adulthood.

In Yellowknife, the 4Y Program complements other community programs and services available to support the youth participants, therefore contributing to a higher quality of care in the city. It also supports caregivers and others in the youth’s social network, which improves the capacity for care. This is done by providing a Navigator to spend 4 hours a week with the youth to encourage improved physical and mental health, improved self-confidence and self-determination, more community involvement in the transition planning of the youth in the community and prevention and reduction of additional challenges such as mental health issues, addictions, police involvement, and self-harm. The 4Y Program provides 8 hours a week with a Navigator to youth involved in the justice system.




Tammy Roberts has been the Executive Director of the Foster Family Coalition of the Northwest Territories since 2009 and in this position facilitates PRIDE Training and provides support to foster and adoptive parents and child protection workers across the territory. She also is the secretary of the Canadian Foster Family Association, participates on the National Executive Director’s Working Group and is the Co-chair of the CanFASD Research Network Family Advisory Committee.

Sandra Noel is the Director of the Northwest Territories on the board of Youth in Care Canada. She works with directors from other provinces and territories to improve the lives of all youth in care. Noel hopes to become a voice for the NWT’s children in care, adding she herself felt ‘voiceless’ at times while growing up.

Leesa Myers is the Coordinator of the 4Y/GLOW with The Foster Family Coalition of the NWT


Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) is a provincial not-for-profit society committed to supporting families who have a family member with a disability.
FSI is unique in Canada and the only grassroots family to family organization that has a broad volunteer base.