FSI Events

Our event page provides opportunities for families to connect and experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. Check out our special events below for more information and dates. This calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often. Please get in touch if you have an event to share with us.



Dads Supporting Dads

SESSION INFO: « Back to all events Dads supporting dads! A place where dads can share their own experiences and get guidance and support from other dads. Are you a father supporting a child with extra support needs? Come join a conversation with other dads like you. For questions, please contact Ben at .   Click […]


Healing Stories: 3-week group experience

SESSION INFO: « Back to all events Would you like to explore your life journey from a healing and compassionate perspective? This autobiographical process will help you develop your reflection, listening and storytelling skills. We will also work on empathy and communication so we can interact with each other with care and kindness. Experience greater […]


Reflection Cafe 2.0 (in person)

Curiko Studios 4924 Imperial Street, Burnaby, British Columbia

SESSION INFO: « Back to all events A space to make social connections, share and try out new experiences! We will reflect on various topics and ideas...all about life moments and the human experience! (4924 Imperial St, Burnaby) Connect with community and each other! Work with Curiko Coaches to co-create reflective practices, design tools, build […]


Family Hang Out

SESSION INFO:   « Back to all events Family Hang Outs are a safe space for families and caregivers to come together and have a conversation for support, camaraderie, inspiration, trouble-shooting, and sharing what’s hard. Some of these sessions are by theme/topic and others are for general conversation and engagement. Whatever you might be feeling […]


Non-Speaking Autism

SESSION INFO: « Back to all events One-third of the children who receive an Autism Diagnosis remain nonspeaking despite the therapies and interventions. Is your child minimally verbal, and it’s affecting his/her emotional wellbeing? Does your child understand what you tell him or stay unfocused and aloof? Are you experiencing meltdowns, self-injurious or aggressive behaviours? […]


Peace Circle

SESSION INFO: « Back to all events We will explore the art of building stronger relationships & community. Using different forms of Restorative Practice, we will practice the art of connecting with each other with care and compassion. With thoughtful questions, active listening and heart-centered sharing, we will build stronger relationships and community. This weekly […]

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