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Toolkit Resources

This toolkit provides recommendations to be fully prepared if you need to take a family member to the hospital.

To be fully prepared if you need to go to the hospital, we recommend bringing the following:


Download a completed letter (Attachment 1 on the Toolkit PDF) to give the health care provider—Use the fillable form to enter your details, and print it in your Chart. You can ask the hospital staff to write in your medical chart that you can have a support person with you.


A copy of your current Representation Agreement RA 7—A Supported Decision-Making Tool which lays out who can speak for the individual during specific situations.


Communication devices—Bring your communication kit, including all devices, chargers, and communication boards you might need. Keep them close.


Notes from Doctors/Therapists—Bring a note from your family doctor; Behaviour consultant; Other Therapists (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist etc.) Feeding consultant, as needed.


Patient Accommodations Request Form (Attachment 2 on Toolkits PDF) —Complete the attached form with your individual needs and preferences as soon as possible. If you need to be treated, bring two copies (laminated, if possible). If you don’t have access to a printer, send to your health care provider to print.


A copy of the recently updated COVID-19 Essential Visitors Policy (113 KB) – Attachment 3 on the Toolkit PDF


An open letter from families to Health Care providers prepared by Disability Alliance BC —Attachment 4 of Toolkit PDF

You may want to know


Support people may be required to wear a mask or other protective equipment in the hospital or may not be allowed to go to the cafeteria.


There may be restrictions on how many support people are allowed into your room at one time.


Hospitals may require support people to take a COVID-19 test, fill out a questionnaire, or have their temperatures taken.

Developed by an amazing team of people with disabilities and their families, with the support of:

Family Support Institute of BC
Disability Alliance BC
Vela Canada
Individualized Funding Resource Centre
Health Justice

BC Social Service Leadership Network
Social Advocate Leadership Network BC
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion
Canadian Institute for Inclusion & Citizenship, UBC

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