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Disability and Estate Planning with Ken Kramer Webinar

Ken Kramer

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This webinar has been recorded and divided into short videos available to everyone.

Videos include:

  1. Intro
  2. Trends in the Disability Landscape
  3. Relation to the Ministry
  4. What is a Trust?
  5. Permitted Expenditures
  6. Discretionary vs Non Discretionary
  7. Planning Tools
  8. Trustee vs. Representative
  9. Lawyer Relations
  10. Alternate Decision Making
  11. Issues to Consider in Choosing a Trustee
  12. Available Resources
  13. Enhanced Representation Agreement
  14. Final Words
  15. Disability & Estate Planning
  16. Question: Does your disabled child need to dispose of any income upon their death
  17. Question: Can the mortgage payment be paid but the person with the disability through the trust?
  18. Question: Can a principle resident for the PWD or person with the disability be put in a trust?
  19. Question: What’s the difference between a trustee and a representative?
  20. Trust Planning
  21. Disability and Estate Planning – Full Session

Ken Kramer is the founder of KMK Law Corporation. His practice includes estate planning, administration, litigation and mediation. On this session Ken shares his extensive knowledge on topics such as preparing a will and trust planning for people with disabilities..