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Role of the Trustee and Disability Trusts

Role of the Trustee and Disability Trusts

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This webinar has been recorded and divided into short videos available to everyone.

Videos include:

  1. Introduction into the Role of the Trustee and Disability Trusts
  2. What is a trust?
  3. Trust Vehicles
  4. Elements of a Trust: Discretionary vs Non Discretionary
  5. Understanding How Trusts Work in Relation to the Ministry
  6. Choosing a Trustee
  7. Trustees Fees and Expenses
  8. Role of the Trustee and Disability Trusts
  9. Accounting for Beneficiary
  10. Filing Tax Returns
  11. QDT Planning Implications
  12. QDT Qualification
  13. Making the Trust Work
  14. Qualified Disability Trust
  15. General Duties in the Administration of a Trust
  16. Access to Funds
  17. Permitted Expenditures from a Trust
  18. Final Words of Advice

Ken Kramer is the founder of KMK Law Corporation. His practice includes estate planning, administration, litigation and mediation. On this session Ken shares his extensive knowledge on topics such as preparing a will and trust planning for people with disabilities..